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Our Solutions

Iso Court : a unique patented technology

The Iso Court range is composed of meter boxes (two models : single or double) and compact antifreeze meter chambers.

Thanks to their piston type location plate, you can assemble and disassemble 110 mm water meters without any tools. Made of DMC, they resist to rolling loads, extreme temparatures and UV.

> Download the Iso Court+ product sheet

Drinking water meter

Hydromeca resales Itron and Honeywell products and provides a wide range of solutions for drinking water metering, from collection to data management and operation. Our team is expert of metering systems  and offers you tailor-made solutions, in accordance with your needs and the configuration of your network, to preserve the water resource.

Make it easy to operate your network with our range of volumetric meters, divisional meters, speedometers, as well as our data acquisition and transmission systems for remote reading.


> Download Itron metering sheet
> Download Honeywell metering sheet

Cubis/Carson range

Cubis designs preformed access chamber systems to work on the underground networks. This manufacturer offers a comprehensive range of modular products that are easy and fast to install.

Their innovative access chamber and meter boxes systems are a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional products.

> Download Cubis product sheets

Gamme Cubis / Carson